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Jonathan Preston can draw on over 22 years of dedicated legal assistance. You can rely on Jonathan and his legal team to take a pragmatic approach to your case.

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 Your case will be in capable hands at the Law Office of Jonathan Preston. Our attorney is hands-on with his clients, advising them, guiding them and representing their interests in the courtroom, if necessary. Call our law office in Murrieta, CA for:

Your case will be in capable hands at the Law Office of Jonathan Preston. Our local attorney is hands-on with his clients, advising them, guiding them, and representing their interests in the courtroom, if necessary. Call our law office in Murrieta, CA for:





Attorney Jonathan Preston will keep you informed about all aspects of your legal proceeding to ensure your understanding and put your mind at ease. Work with a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney.

Areas of Practice

From construction law, personal injury cases, and bankruptcy filing, your case will be in capable hands at the Law Office of Jonathan Preston. Check out the various ways we can serve you and provide trusted legal advice.


Don’t pay for your medical expenses out of pocket. Fight for the compensation you deserve.

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You don’t have to live a life defined by insurmountable
debt. Relief is just around
the corner.


We’ll help you decide whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy
is right for you and your

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We represent developers, contractors, architects and other members of the construction industry.


Drowning in debt? Let's figure it out together.

If you’re feeling the crushing pressure of a lot of debt, or someone else is trying to take control of your future, you’ve been under stress long enough. There are legal actions you can take to protect yourself. Whether you’re trying to manage your debt, recover from a personal injury, or have a claim involving construction, you can depend on the Murrieta, CA Law Office of Jonathan Preston for aggressive and effective legal action. Whether you have just begun to consider bankruptcy, or if you have already filed a bankruptcy case, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can assist you in taking full advantage of‌ ‌the‌ ‌ United‌ ‌States‌ ‌Bankruptcy‌ ‌Code. Jonathan Preston will guide you in determining what form of California-specific bankruptcy process is best for you.


If you live in Murrieta, CA and are unable to pay your debts, and aren’t going to be a position to pay them anytime soon, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be a viable option for you because it doesn’t require a repayment plan. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is quite an effective tool for eliminating credit card bills and medical debt. You need to talk to the right Murrieta bankruptcy attorney and find out if California bankruptcy exemptions apply to you and be educated in debt relief.

In order to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, however, you must qualify by being able to show that your income falls under the median income based on California state law and that you are in severe financial distress. If your income doesn’t fall under the median income for the state of California, you can turn to the Mean’s Test that identifies your disposable income.  The more disposable income you have available, the less likely you are to qualify.

The experienced bankruptcy attorney at the Law Office of Jonathan Preston will analyze the results of your Means Test and identify any possible red flags. The sooner you confront your debt issues the better if will be for you and your family.


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, sometimes called a wage earner’s plan, gives individuals with a regular income the right to come up with a plan to repay part or all of their debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases require a prepayment plan which is normally set at 3 to 5 years depending on the amount of your debt.

If you and your family are having financial struggles but want to hang on to most of your assets, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection may be your best option.  Jonathan Preston, can help you understand if filing bankruptcy is right for you, and help guide you through the process. He has handled many bankruptcy clients, helping them get back on a better financial path by helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Whether you need to consult with a Murrieta construction lawyer, personal injury attorney, or a California bankruptcy lawyer the Law Offices of Jonathan Preston are here to assist you and keep you informed about all the aspects of your legal case to ensure you understand what is happening and give you peace of mind. Call our Murrieta law office today to schedule your free initial consultation and bankruptcy evaluation.

Meet Jonathan Preston

Jonathan Preston and his team can offer you unprecedented legal representation and legal counsel in such matters as construction law, bankruptcy law, and personal injury. Backed by more than 22 years of legal expertise serving his legal clients in Riverside county, San Bernardino county, San Diego county and throughout California to work on your behalf, Jonathan and his legal team will relentlessly be your ally to help resolve legal matters for you and your family. With his outstanding reputation in the legal community, you can be confident that you are working with the best in the field who will fight for your legal rights.


Have you been hurt? We can help.

Our law firm can assist you in obtaining the largest possible recovery for your injuries. California law allows you, as a victim of a wrongful act of another to recover monetary damages for both your physical injury claim and emotional injuries.  This may include compensatory damages for such things as lost wages, and medical expenses. Additionally, you may be able to recover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.  You will be in the capable hands of the Jonathan Preston and his legal team. We will be tenaciously hands-on with you and your family, advising you, guiding you, and representing only your interests in a court of law. 


In the unfortunate event that you are in a motor vehicle accident, our experienced Murrieta car accident lawyer can assist you in finding the best doctors and we will handle the insurance company and accident claims so you can focus on your recovery. We understand that most insurance adjusters who work for the other driver’s insurance company are highly trained in trying to manipulate you into saying something that can reduce or eliminate the other driver’s liability for your injuries.

If you or someone you know are involved in auto accident cases and are looking for the best Murrieta car accident attorneys to get comprehensive legal support, our knowledgeable and skilled vehicle accident attorney can help you recover damages such as:

  • Future and Past Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Your Earning Capacity
  • Emotional Injuries
  • Damage to Your Property
  • Rental Car Expenses
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Your Inconvenience
  • Punitive Damages 
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It’s important to note that California Civil Jury Instructions No. 405, established comparative negligence in the state of California. This means that the person who caused your injuries must prove that you were negligent in some way, and your negligence was a contributing factor in causing your own injuries. Your damages will be reduced by the percentage a jury found you to be at fault for the accident.

In a nutshell, this means that if you are found to be 20% at fault for the accident that caused your injuries and the other driver was found to be 80% at fault, the other driver and their insurance company will be liable for 80% of your damages.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Preston, your Murrieta car accident attorney will use their knowledge and experience to obtain the largest possible settlement for your injuries you suffered in your car accident.


Most boating accidents are due to reckless and negligent behavior such as drunk driving, speeding, and not paying attention. The boat accident Murrieta personal injury attorney at our law firm can help you recover damages from your boating accident and fight for you to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and other possible damages.

The legal team at Law Office of Jonathan Preston understands how traumatic a serious crash can be on you and your family and we will work hard to recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.


Being involved in a motorcycle accident in California can result in you suffering life-changing injuries. The Law Office of Jonathan Preston will examine every detail of your individual case to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Our local attorney understands how important your case is to you and your loved ones and we will aggressively fight to protect your interests and the monetary compensation you deserve.

Keep in mind that there are deadlines called Statutes of Limitations in place in California that dictate the amount of time you have for filing a claim for personal injury. If you wait too long to consult a Murrieta motorcycle lawyer, your case could be dismissed.

With one of our Murrieta motorcycle attorneys aggressively working your motorcycle injury case, you may be entitled to damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages that may arise from your motorcycle accident such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other non-economic damages.


It’s said that dogs are man’s best friends, and in many cases that’s true. It may be easy for some people to believe that if you’ve been bitten by a dog that you don’t have a lot to worry about.  We have learned that that is not always the case.

Dog bites can be extremely serious and recent statistics show that one in five dog bites require immediate medical attention.  Our skilled dog bite attorney is aware that many dog bites are unprovoked, which is why the state of California has extremely strict liability laws in place for dog owners.

We also understand that you may have received your dog bite from a family member’s or a neighbor’s dog and that you may not want to cause them any financial hardship. However, you may need a way to pay for the medical expenses caused by the dog bite.

What’s working in your favor, is that the dog bite may be covered by the dog owner’s renter’s or homeowner’s insurance polices and chances are your friend, family member, or neighbor may not have to pay a dime out of their own pocket.

If you or a loved one was injured by a dog bite and incurred medical expenses as a result, you may want to consider talking to a personal injury lawyer at our law firm.  We can provide you with:

  • Professional and Exceptional Legal Representation
  • Attention that is Personalized to Meet Your Needs
  • Compassionate Legal Guidance

Unless you were trespassing on the dog owner’s property, or you provoked the dog in any way, the owner of the dog can be held strictly liable under California law if their dog caused you serious injuries.  Call the Murrieta, California dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan Preston today.

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In California, and throughout the United States, a pedestrian accident occurs when a moving vehicle and an individual are involved. As a result of a pedestrian accident, you could suffer life-altering injuries. 

Many pedestrian accidents in Southern California occur when a person is crossing a street, rollerblading, jogging, or helping someone get to their destination on foot.

Our dedicated legal team understand how devastating your injuries are to you and your family.  We will aggressively fight to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries that may include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation Expenses
  • Loss of Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, it’s possible that you may carry partial or whole fault for the accident. The courts will look at all of your actions leading up the pedestrian accident and determine if you used the proper level of care by following all California safety and pedestrian laws. Jonathan Preston, your Murrieta attorney, will be right there at your side to protect your rights and ensure you receive all the legal help you deserve.

Construction Attorney in Murrieta, CA

Building Relationships From The Ground Up

Private and public sector clients will benefit from the support of responsive legal professionals the Law Office of Jonathan Preston can offer to their clients in the engineering, architectural design, and construction professions.

Our firm has the knowledge and experience necessary to help resolve your legal matters in the construction industry, and the complex legal issues that can come up within the engineering, architectural design, and construction aspects in many different types of building projects that can include:

  • Single Family Residences
  • Large Scale Residential Developments
  • Public Works Projects
  • Installation of Underground Pipelines
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers

Quality legal representation by the best law firm is an important asset for you as an individual, your business, municipality, and public agencies that are heavily involved in any phase of a construction project.

The Law Office of Jonathan Preston has represented clients who have been facing legal issues, liability potential, and litigation.  We have defended and protected our clients in all phases of mediation, arbitration, and litigation in the construction industry. Our Murrieta construction attorney is armed with a complete knowledge of real estate law, general business, architectural design, construction and engineering professions.  For more than 18 years Jonathan Preston has provided his clients with residential and commercial services for the public and private sectors.

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Attorney Jonathan Preston will keep you informed about all aspects of your legal proceeding to ensure your understanding and put your mind at ease. Work with a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney.